Living in green or living green?

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The modern era is built up on the development of human society. The global community created a huge amount of problems in terms of the environment, social issues, as well as poor living conditions for people. We have a tendency that when we live a more sustainable way of living, it gives us a good image at work, improves our health and makes life happier. As we make changes in our lives, it has an impact on our lifestyle as well. It is important to stay mentally happy and physically active. Many cities have implemented initiatives to be green and they are looking into ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Living Green Isn’t About What You Do.

The word ‘green’ comes at a time when many individuals want things done quickly so that they can forget about what’s happening behind the scenes. When people want something fast they get rushed. They don’t care about how their actions affect the planet, so they just do it and move on with their life. For example- real estate developers in Dhaka city mostly ignores the fact that, green is necessary for living. Most of them do not have plan to live with the nature. So as an agency of change in the real estate sector we aim to promote this vastly. The best realtor practice would be to do business with social responsibility in mind.

We may often be afraid of making mistakes, but sometimes change isn’t always painful. It’s about learning from mistakes, improving and building the best version of ourselves every day so that we can reap the benefits long after we retire and leave our children in place. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy or complicated but it’s okay once we start to see what we want in life. As we aim to be the best real estate marketer in the country, we want to shout out this message to the urban planners and developers to make it a count to live in the green. For the purpose, the policy makers could emphasize on real estate developers to incorporate green living by technical design of a building. There is this buzz of urban forestation or more popularly known as “Vertical Forestation” and that is exactly my point here.  Making changes is the process of growth. We all go through phases, you may go through changes before you even realize you’re going through them. There may be a lot of ups and downs in your life, this is normal. However, if you can keep your mind open to the idea, then it’s possible to improve your situation in life.

People who see some progress every single day will notice a difference in their state of mind. A person who gets motivated by changes may feel more cheerful than someone who wants change too fast. So it should be important to think about making lasting decisions.

Living Green Is More Than Just Being Seen At Work

In addition to being healthy or having a more pleasant working environment, it’s important to consider everything that can contribute to your overall wellbeing, especially if your employer is trying to reduce cost. For instance, the parking area of your office should be spacious and welcoming. This helps make communication easier so that everyone can easily move around without being seen. If there’s a large group meeting taking place, lots of cars should be parked on the busy road. Parking lots add on to pollution and pollution is bad for the atmosphere. This leads to greenhouse gas emissions and other negative impacts on the environment. On the other hand, moving more furniture around won’t always be a great decision for health, but you need to think about where you’ll keep them. Try making sure that the space doesn’t smell like old furniture which can negatively impact its aesthetic. Some offices also suffer from noise pollution. It seems like everyone moves around inside such huge rooms, there’s no room for yourself to make noise. But what about we can make the rooms cleaner. Green and clean often sounds synonymous. It summons up to the idea that clean is green. As an expert property adviser, we would love to advice people to leave behind their private transportation and come live close to office. In a way thus huge numbers of cars would not be parked on the roads, emissions would not counted and we would be having a cleaner-greener city space.

The same goes with the natural environment, it’s important to think about what happens when we grow old. All plants and trees should be watered regularly so that if there’s floods coming near these areas it won’t harm the soil. Also, as we grow old, we should be careful about giving back to nature, especially during high seasons so that animals can survive. Unfortunately, we usually give them a small portion of the things they use but, we should try to find something else to give back to the environment. Donating clothes and toys to charity shops or throwing them away is like giving less energy to the earth. It’s vital to conserve energy and make sure that your city doesn’t become depleting empty. Another thing, the world is changing, so it’s important to think about keeping up with trends instead of getting disappointed that we didn’t create everything that existed.

Living Green Isn’t Enough

We often talk about different kinds of living but what do we really mean? By a simple definition, we’ve got three types; urban, suburban and rural living. Each one involves different factors. Urban living is defined by lots of people rushing around. With this kind of living comes some inconvenience, sometimes you may find yourself sharing a few blocks with traffic. As far as suburbs are concerned, people have their own land and the houses on it. And there’s nothing wrong with this kind of housing because they’re home to most of the residents but you need to think about the location of this location. Pointing out such problems lead to the question and that is if urbanization a bad thing? Let’s dig into the matter. Rural homes aren’t considered the most desirable, people go into them thinking that they can live their lives easily. But they often miss out on necessary modern resources, so they don’t get enough pleasure from enjoying life. Plus, they often don’t have much space for personal hobbies for example painting, hunting, fishing, etc. Thus as the best realtor practice we would be directing you to live with the nature in an urban environment and for that we need us to be wanting to live in such place. Thus the demand will create supply may be slowly but surely.

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