Let’s Stop World War 3!!

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Confused?! Yea you heard that right!! It is buzzed that world war 3 will be set on water scarcity. Imagine a time you don’t have any fresh water source to meet your thirst. Scary right? It is in your power to stop that war from ever happening. If you search it on Google, you’ll find that about 3% of the total water reservoir is fresh water, among that 2.5% is locked up in the glaciers or heavily polluted or graved under economically unviable chambers. It’s scary how the world is changing very fast. We are losing a very big percentage of fresh drinkable water every year. The world is getting hotter as the years are passing. Groundwater is going down unprecedentedly.

Leaving the scary part above, now let’s talk about the solutions and possibilities.

They say, the first thing to change the world is to change yourself; and that is the first thing people should take into account. Changing daily practices in water usage will result in a positive way collectively. So if you’re reading this, you should try to change yourself first. You could stop wasting water in the washroom by using a water bucket and could tighten the tap from dripping all night. Next, you could actually use the sink for washing the dishes instead of using the running water, it is one of the most water-consuming aspects of households. One another thing the Japanese people have adopted is to use the basin sink to wash hands on the top of a commode flush; this way you don’t have to use the freshwater source for flushing. As a property specialist we recommend this fantastic idea to the existing property developer or builders; to adopt this green technology.

Another thing we found on the internet that, how a self-built household uses green technology to recycle water usage; the group of people named the house “mother ship”. The household water recycling included the usage of fresh water in cleaning food items and using those to water the vegetable garden; next, they would use the sink water to clean the toilet and commode. How cool is that?! Now that is one refreshing lesson for the real estate developers to adopt and build modern households likewise.


It has not been too late to adopt green techs to avoid or at least delay any water war. We have to build a sustainable future for the next generations to come. Think what would happen if our ancestors hadn’t left us with enough resources to build the beautiful world we’re living in now. We have the same duty towards the next generation.

So far there have been some government projects in some of the urban areas to recycle and reuse surface water. We never doubt the positive intentions of the government but we definitely and surely urge the authorities to increase such lifesaving projects and invest in green urban structures. Also, we need to plant more trees by not hampering the urbanization process. Trees keep the groundwater in its place and play a major role to bring down rain to nourish both the surface and underwater reservoir.

At “Property Gliders” we promote, support and plan to implement sustainable water usage policies all through our activities and communications.  We believe that a good drip from us can create enough ripple effect to create a prospective social vibe. So far we have hosted bilateral meetings with developer companies, agencies, and real estate influencers. Maybe slowly but definitely we’re moving forward.


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