How to choose the ideal real estate agent for you

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Since the beginning of the past century, Dhaka’s real estate market has been experiencing meteoric expansion. Each new day brings with it an increase in the demand as well as the supply of real estate properties. Dhaka is now home to some of the most successful real estate development enterprises in the world. The number of people selling their own homes on a daily basis also continues to rise as the sector as a whole continues to see robust growth. Because the market is so large, it is becoming more difficult for individual homeowners to sell their homes on their own. As a result, homeowners are turning to the services of real estate brokers in order to ensure that they obtain the highest possible price for their property on the market.

Your choice of the real estate agent to handle the sale of your house has the potential to make or break the deal. When selecting a real estate agent, homeowners are compelled to base their decision only on the number of homes an agent has previously transacted as well as the reviews available on the agency’s website. Even while all of these factors are crucial, they also have the potential to mislead people. The fact that a real estate agent has experience or reviews does not ensure that they will look out for your best interests when they are selling your home. Find out how to choose a good real estate agent for the sale of your home by following these steps.


Research Online:

Your preliminary research should begin on the internet. The goal here is to speed up the process by getting rid of potential agents who do not satisfy the fundamental standards. Investigate their track record, as well as the comments from their previous clients. This is very important since you do not want to entrust the sale of your most valuable possession to a newbie or someone with limited expertise.

If you want to discover an agent online, you may do so by entering their name followed by the words “realtor,” “real estate agent,” or “real estate.” Keep an eye out for these three things: the number of years of experience, the number of properties that have been sold, and the date that the listings were made. Make sure, however, that these are properties that they have marketed and sold, and not residences where they have represented the buyer in the transaction.

When choosing a real estate agent, some sellers make the mistake of putting too much weight on online ratings. Due to the ease with which they may be created or manipulated, the majority of real estate agents would only request testimonials from clients whom they are certain will rate their experience as five stars. In addition, the verification procedures on many of these websites are either questionable or nonexistent. Having said that, some of the reviews are legitimate. You need to go through the agent’s remarks to see if there is any terminology that is used more than once that is consistent with other phrases. It is not always a bad sign if there are just one or two, but you still want to know whether or not that agency responded and how they did so.


Interview many real estate brokers

Even though doing research online may be helpful, talking to potential real estate agents in person is the most effective way to discover one. You are able to get a sense of vitally important qualitative characteristics such as honesty and kindness, as well as the chemistry between your personalities and the communication methods you use, via conversation.

When preparing for interviews, it is a good idea to write out questions that address the primary concerns you have. The next step is to set up an interview, either over the phone or in person, for fifteen minutes. It is possible that you may start the interview by talking about the essentials of your home.

After you have gathered the necessary information, you should explain your objective, which is to sell your residence. Please let the realtor know if you are looking to sell your home as fast as feasible or for the lowest price possible. After that, go to the interview questions you prepared.


Preparing a Questionnaire

The majority of sellers inquire about several agencies before choosing one. The problem lies in the fact that they ask the wrong questions. The vast majority are of a generic nature and just act as a formality. Keep in mind that you are doing this interview with potential real estate agents in order to sell the most valuable item you own. As such, you should handle it. Before signing a contract with a real estate agent, these are some of the most critical questions you should ask them.


Examine Past Sales Efforts

The ideal candidate will have previous experience selling houses of the same property type as yours (house as opposed to condo or townhouse), in the same area as yours, and for an amount that is comparable to the estimated value of your home. If you want to use the property as your primary residence, you should engage with a local real estate agent that specializes in the sale of single-family houses rather than any other form of property. They must have some knowledge of the different residential areas. The situation is the same regardless of whether you own a townhouse or a condo. Take into consideration the number of listings similar to this one that they have already sold in your region. However, finding a real estate agent who has previous experience selling homes in the same price range as yours is of the utmost importance.

In addition, if your house is considered to be in the luxury category, you should avoid working with a real estate agent that has a history of selling properties for much lower prices. You should definitely hold off on deleting any of the agents for the time being, however. Make an effort to find out whether or not they have any expertise selling in the upscale neighborhoods of Dhaka, such as Dhanmondi or Gulshan. After that, evaluate how well their expertise fits in with your home and the surrounding surroundings.

Marketing comparison

When it comes to the sale of your home, marketing is the most important factor. It brings in a greater number of potential buyers to your property, which might lead to a higher offer in a shorter amount of time. However, you should keep in mind that not every real estate broker will provide you with the same quality of service. Because of this, you should evaluate the strategies used by each real estate agent. First and foremost, think about the manner in which they want to display your residence. When promoting your home, each agent should at a bare minimum contain the following elements:

Putting up advertisements and listing your property on all of the main websites.

photo session with a trained professional.

A detailed description of the property has been provided by an expert

Showings by real estate agents and open houses

On the other hand, if this is the entirety of their “marketing plan,” you may want to rethink employing them since this is considered the barest amount of marketing necessary. Consider adding a few unique touches to your house that buyers won’t find in other properties now for sale. Some instances include the following:

Drone footage and still images


Floor plan design Staging

Increasing your value should be a priority before you market your home. These effective marketing methods could make your home more noticeable to those who are interested in purchasing it. You should select a listing agent that has the overall plan that is considered to be the most acceptable option. one that will be successful in attracting the ideal consumer in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Make an effort to Communicate with Their References

Before hiring a listing agent, it may be difficult for sellers to ascertain the nature of the services that will be given by the agency. You might discover it by getting in touch with the former customers of each real estate agent and comparing their responses. Pay close attention to both what they say and how they say it while you are conversing with them. Sometimes the tone and inflection of one’s voice may communicate a great deal more than the words themselves. The following is a summary of what you need to learn from such conversations:

Pick Your Brokerage Firm

It is now time to decide on a listing agent for your property. You have conducted interviews with a number of listing agents and compared their services. You have gotten in touch with the individuals’ references, and they have been excluded from consideration as potential employees. Follow your gut feeling when making a decision if you believe there is more than one person who might be a good fit.

Keep in mind that you will be working directly with this individual, so be sure to choose someone that makes you feel comfortable. As soon as you’ve settled on a listing agent, pick up the phone and give them a call to let them know that you’ve engaged them to sell your home. They will discuss the terms of the agreement with you and then guide you through the subsequent steps. This point marks the beginning of the process of selling your home.

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